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July 24, 2009


Thank you for sharing your space. I like the way all your various storage items are grouped together. I especially want to use your idea of grouping papers and embellishments and think I'll try that, too.

What a transformation, girl! I had your "first look" going for over 20 years in my basement, and finally forced myself to get organized. Beautiful job! ~Nan

Great transformation. Your creative space is very organized and what sweet company you keep. Love your kitties.

Love your felted purses! So glad to visit with you!
bunny hugs,

You are brave to show those before pics! I suppose the after pics make up for it though! It really is a great space!

I am a little late to the party, but better late than never. My daughter, the fashionista, will soon be leaving the nest for her new apartment. I will have the luxury of decorating her old room (specifically the closet) as my creative space. I cannot wait and will incorporate many of the wonderful ideas you have shared here. Thank you.

Do you remember the awards assembly at the end of each school year where they gave "The Most Improved" award to someone? Well, guess what??? The honor goes to you, this party. Way to go! Very inspiring!

Wow, what an amazing transformation! Your studio is great...you have sooo much storage. Everything is just so organized. tfs

Hi Denise,
What a nice space you have here. I love your scrapbooks, they're beautiful! Wish I was an organized as you, but I'm working on it. This party (yes, I'm still making the rounds) has been so nice to meet so many creative people. Happy day!

WOW! what a transformation!

Thanks for sharing

WOW! This is great ... thank you for sharing the before and after pictures. I feel like my space ALWAYS looks like a before picture ; )


Go girl, you got it going on. What color are you going to paint the cabnets? I love to decide on colors.

I also love your little yellow purse. I'll check it out.


just beautiful studio!


Wow this is such a transformation. I bet you just
love to walk in there now and create to your hearts content.

Something kinda of freaky to share with you--not only do we have the same name but we also have the same car(PT Cruiser) and mine is silver too.

oh, your studio is so....so...ORGANIZED!! i'm envious and you've almost given me the push i need to go out to mine and organize something. LOL

warmly, jan

p.s. LOVE your purses!

What a job to go thru and organize all of your goodies! Looking good...have fun creating!

Thank you for dropping in for a visit and for you sweet comment on my studio. Have a great week!

Something about your blog looks familiar but I'm not sure I commented so I'll do it twice rather than miss it, sugar! I think you did an absolutely terrific job with it. The first photo is rather "awe-some" seeing what you started with and actually accomplished. Great job, chick.

Thanks for visiting with me and leaving a comment. I do so appreciate each and every one from all of you. Nice meeting you also, honey!!



I think I got the cutting table through Joann's - I ordered it from them online. Keep your eye out because they frequently have them on sale!

Oh, when I moved studio it looked just like your before pictures. It took me forever to get is organized. Yours looks great and very organized!

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